How does this works

At Dental vista , our team of experts has conducted various research and formulated a simple 5 step process that helps anyone to understand all about it. Now we explain all about it in detail below.

    Step 3

    The doctor studies both the OPG and medical history carefully and advises a detail Dental Treatment Plan. This Detail Treatment plan is a complete treatment schedule that gives you every information about your treatment. This is a comprehnsive plan that tells on the total duration of the treatment, with activities for each week / day. He also prepares a indicative cost for the treatment. There may be slight variation( + / - 10% - 15 %) on a case to case basis. The idea is to give you an indication on how much you should come prepared both financially and on number of days.



    Step 4

    The team here in australia provides you a complete compilation of your file and presents you with an indicative over all costs that includes your medical treatment, stay, travel to and from, sight seeing with a escort guide, local travel between hospital and hotel etc.



    Step 5

    Review all the costs choose add-ons or knock out some and make a decision. Hey its all done. Pack your bags for a stunning holiday in India. Our team will help you in every stage to ensure a smoot and comfortable journey.